Emily Stammers

Wish You Could Hear is an interactive project that was created to go along the Dorset Wanderland Trail. It was designed to allow participants to share their experience with a loved one or friend who is not present at the event.  Wish You Could Hear included an ear trumpet, postcard plinth and a postbox.


The wanderer is encouraged to use the ear trumpet to listen to the sounds of the landscape. ‘Sounds of walks are so often woven into the fabric of the everyday as to scarcely be noticed’*


The wanderer would then be given a screen-printed postcard with the starting point ‘wish you could hear...’ written on the reverse. This space is for them to record the sounds they might pick up through the ear trumpet, and post through the postbox to someone else, allowing another person to participate in the Dorset Wanderland Trail. 


*Karen McCoy

Postcad Design

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