Emma Lewis-Jones

This score is for individuals to follow and interpret once on site at The Great Globe at Durlston Country Park in Swanage.
The Globe was transported to Swanage from a London stone yard by sea, in 1887. It sits forty-one metres above sea level and is covered with markings of continents and some more specific areas of the world. On the ground there are markings of a compass and quotes carved from poets and the bible. 

The score was created by Emma Lewis-Jones, a choreographer now based in Nottingham, who has worked on the South Coast (in particular, Cornwall) in recent years. Emma holds a reputation for creating large, public-facing outdoor works. Her relationship with coast paths lead Emma to design and produce a performance work for A Dorset Wanderland; to be shown live at The Great Globe on Saturday 18 April 2020. However, the cancellation of this event (due to Covid-19) lead to the creation of a score, to be shared widely and used by anyone who wishes to explore the Globe and it’s immediate area in an alternative, choreographic manner, any time (after Covid-19). 

Please use this score as you wish. It may be that you look at it on your phone or print it onto paper, to take with you to the site. You might enjoy mark-making on the pages you print off – remember to take a pencil. You may wish to follow it from beginning to end, taking note of each suggestion. Alternatively, you may just glance at the score, taking inspiration from a couple of its suggestions and then exploring the space yourself; taking inspiration from your surroundings too.  

This score is yours. The weather, the time of day, your mood, your body, your interpretation of the score, will all affect the way each suggestion is performed. Therefore, every interpretation, by every individual, will produce a different physicalisation of the score. For pdf version download here.

For more information about the artist please visit emmalewisjones.com 

If you photograph or film yourself or your score at the globe, please share online with the hashtag #thegreatglobescore

© Copyright is held by the Artist