Freddie Churchill

"Video making is my preferred method of creation. When the opportunity to create work for an art trail arose, I was interested to see how this could help me think outside the box in my video making. Unfortunately, I was not able to create a video on site, however, the work uses the same themes. The piece explores the idea of separation between technology and the landscape and how we, as humans, sit between the two. This relationship plays out through the form of text as I documented conversations I had with Siri and Alexa about Durlston and themes relating to a space like Durlston Country Park such as the sea and land.


This work focuses on the duality of the human condition, and looks at nature, humans, and technology. The work displays the indifference of the natural world towards humans, the indifference of technology towards humans, and nature and technology as indifferent to each-other. Humans sit in-between these ideas and I believe this work shows how unimportant we are to nature and technology. We try our best to infer meaning and compassion from technology and nature towards us; using personification to imply the wind might whisper, or giving Siri AI to make it seem as though we are talking to a real person. This work highlights our attempts to remain important in these spheres, and has the alternate context of being filmed from isolation. To my mind, this enhances the idea of isolation and disconnection from nature and how technology cannot truly understand us."

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