We all have certain walks that we associate with home, the routes we have been walking for years and witness how they change throughout the months, seasons, years..


These routes change in a number of different ways; through the rising and falling of buildings, the overgrown to the uncovering of footpaths, the change in the colour of the leaves, the sounds you can hear depending on the time of day. Every time you travel this route it is different and there is something new to notice. 

We are walking these routes now more than ever and are finding a newfound comfort in their existence. Heavily Tread is inviting you to document your route using a note book or by creating a concertina or a mini-zine following the instructions below and for you to draw/write/photograph/ paint 6 observations from your walk.


There are no restrictions for you to follow for this project, you can achieve it however you please. This activity is accessible for all ages, you can do it on your own or with a partner documenting any concept you wish. See below for some examples. 


If you are currently in isolation, you can adapt this project to suit you. You can explore from the confinements of your garden, your house or even your bedroom, documenting your findings and considerations along the way. 

When you are finished, we would love to see and share what you have created! If you upload it to Instagram please tag us at @a_dorset_wanderland or email us a photograph to adorsetwanderland@gmail.com

Things for you to consider and ask yourself during your walk..

What can you see, hear, smell, touch?


Which senses are heightened at different points in your walk? 


What has always been the same?


What is constantly changing?


What’s something only you notice?

Do different parts of your walk remind you of certain people or a time in your life? 

What is your favourite thing about your walk today?




Spring time flowers

Spring time flowers



Below are guidelines for two different books that you can create for this project:


concertina how todo5 .jpg


mini zine how to do 3 .jpg