Jayne Chalk

Invurlston is a 6 minute extract from a video piece showing an inverted walk around Durlston (before all paths were completed during recent development). The piece was made for A Dorset Wanderland. The guided tour by ranger Ali Tuckey inspired me to take a different viewpoint around Durlston - by looking up at the sky, the tree canopy, foliage, the spiral staircase in the visitor centre and the globe. Ali spoke of an inspiring activity he asked school children to do when they were walking around the park – to place a small mirror under their noses to enable a view of what is above....  

Durlston Country Park is a beautiful place and this piece highlights that beauty can be found above. I wanted to encapsulate this in the video. The full version is 17 minutes long, the time it took me to walk around the path. This coincides with the length of the performance by Maria Callas of ‘The Willow Song’ from Verdi’s Otello.  

I wanted to include suitable backing music from the Victorian Age; Gilbert and Sullivan, Vivaldi. I felt that The Willow Song, not only being the same duration as the walk, had some connections to Durlston. Otello was completed by Verdi in 1885, two years before the Durlston Globe was made in Greenwich, London. Durlston Country Park offers willow weaving classes and the willow warbler is a welcome visitor to the park (the song of this bird is incorporated in the video).  

The complete 17-minute video depicts the walk, the motion of the walker and the view above, the trees, foliage, the sky, clouds and the underneath of the large globe with its worldly markings. The motion was made to coincide with the dynamics of The Willow Song and Callas’ interpretation of Verdi’s composition. The inversion of the whole video is unusual and allowed for some other effects to accentuate the illusion. The video includes the words of Jane Evans and Carol Ann Duffy, such phrases are carved in Purbeck limestone and situated around the park.  

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