Kezia Cursham

"These fabric prints were created from being inspired by wildlife found at Durlston Country Park. The installation is hung within the trees of the trail, so as to inspire people walking through the woods to take notice, imagine, and look out for birds and wildlife hidden within this place. The prints are a celebration of the amazing wildlife found here.


I focused particularly on birds, as there are so many different types found at Durlston, due to the varying conditions; sea, cliffs, tree tops, and woods. The beautiful Purbeck coast also sees dolphins from time to time, as well as many sea birds, which I included in a print.

The process of making the prints involves first drawing and painting from photographs, then working on composition of a print by collaging different elements of the paintings together. Then, the collages are worked digitally to complete the design and touch up anything that needs to be edited before being printed on to fabric."

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