Lisa Embury  

"My work touches on energies; where they come from, how they make and create life, from a seedling growth, to the brightness of a star. Energies are not always visible, but they are there, from the amazing life that is our planet. 

We witness great miracles every day, from dawn to sunset, the planet is bombarding us with colours, smells, sounds, sight, feelings, nudging our senses. With our ever-active lifestyles, it seems we are often too busy to just take a moment to connect with our planet.   

My work is created using all-natural colours, pigments, dyes, and four different coloured clays. I have created plant based food colours, from beetroot, hemp, grass, turmeric, charcoal, tea, coffee and oil paints.


I have painted on both sides; some are subtle clay washes, some are rubbed with grass and you can still see some grass fragments. 

They will be displayed outside in nature."

Contemporary Fine Arts Degree, 2nd year student at Weymouth College. 

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