Durlston Guillemots - Sally Cooke

Durlston is one of my favourite places on Earth and I visit often. I like it best first thing in the morning, on one of those beautiful days when winter hasn’t quite left us but warmth in the sun gives a preview of the spring to come. Looking down over the cliff wall, I can see dozens of guillemots on the sea, rising and falling with the swell, if I listen carefully I can hear their chattering calls floating up on the breeze. I love to take photographs at Durlston, the peregrine on his cliff perch, the plethora of summer

butterflies or the swallows gathering in the autumn. From the cliff top it is fun to photograph the guillemots, they gather closely together so you can get around one hundred individuals into the frame. I’ve recently been trying some lino printing and the bold shapes and colours of the guillemots made a good subject, I often prefer the look of the inked-up lino to the finished prints though!

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