My Favourite Spot in the World- Nita Dixey-Green

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Durlston means so very much to me, words are not enough.

It is my haven, my safe place, my joy, my peace. A place to refresh my soul & place to feel well amidst my illness.

I have been coming here since I was young, it is a place full & over flowing of happy memories with family & friends.

From the old cafe and gift shop, little legs going down the steps to the globe, eating fish & chips on the benches of an evening with a sunset walk, seeing the rabbits munching away & sliding down the hill on our bottoms!

To playing pool in the bar, spotting the birds & adders, walking with the cows and sitting in the bird hide, to a honeymoon meal in the restaurant & a bitterly cold snowy day driving around on the tramper followed by a cuppa. 

To now, sitting in the sun with the gentle breeze & the fields, sea, air, lighthouse, bird and their song, flowers, trees, plants, wildlife & fragrances embracing me.

There is no place more restful and beautiful.

The joys of the wildlife in all seasons, the memories of all the walks in all weathers.

And now as I use a wheelchair & struggle with M.E, I am so very very grateful for the Countryside mobility tramper that you have for when I am able to use it.

There is no better spot in this world than sitting looking out over the fields, lighthouse and sea. This place heals and refreshes my soul like nothing else can. I feel if I could just stay there for long enough, I would be well!

Durlston, you are so very precious to me, you are so greatly loved and so very much appreciated. You are beautiful.

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